Stay in Berkeley by the San Francisco Bay

Where to Stay

Berkeley, CA offers a great selection of places to stay while you are enjoying the many things to do and see in the San Francisco Bay Area. Don’t forget to stop in at the Berkeley Visitor Information Center if you need help finding the perfect hotel, restaurant or way to spend an afternoon.

Whether you are visiting UC Berkeley, attending a conference, or just in the Bay Area to explore, maybe check out a culinary adventure - you will find a hotel to suit every need in Berkeley.

Please see below the Berkeley lodging map; property legend is found at the upper left side of the map.

While you’ve always known Berkeley as be the smart choice as a destination, you can rest assured knowing Berkeley's hotels are members of CHLA (California Hotel & Lodging Association) whose Clean + Safe Certification* program has set the gold standard for cleanliness, safety and security you’ve come to expect while staying here. Hotels that are Clean & Safe Certified will show on their individual listings below:

*CHLA Clean + Safe Checklist Requirements for Certification

Graphic for Clean + Safe Certified