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Be A Little Berkeley

Set by sparkling San Francisco Bay, Berkeley is a spirited Northern California city. Discover a mix of counterculture roots and vibrant diversity, bursting with delicious restaurants, thriving arts, and a uniquely energetic college town vibe.

Free speech and flower power are woven into the city's legacy. Today, Berkeley is a foodie paradise, live music hub, and theater haven. Immerse yourself in a genuine (some might even say quirky, in a good way) atmosphere all its own.

Everyone is welcome here. So come, explore Berkeley's unique neighborhoods, parks, and shops, discover your own Berkeley beat, and be a part of this ever-changing and engaging story.

a family listens to a tour guide as the guide points to a tree in Berkeley

You have discovered the ultimate guide to things to do in Berkeley, CA! Inside, discover everything you need to plan your vacation to the Bay.

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Berkeley Kite Festival attendees, mostly children, run in the grass beneath blue skies as multicolored kites fly overhead.

Berkeley brims with authentic experiences and activities to engage, expand, entertain, enthrall - sometimes even all of the above.

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