Come for The Culture, Stay for The Food

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In our city by San Francisco Bay, we're backyard artists and history book headliners. We're outdoor adventurers and coffee shop philosophers, the capital of culinary and hub of homegrown.

People from around the world come to Berkeley seeking acclaimed restaurants, museums, shops and arts. Along the way they discover fabulous diversions, and a bit of themselves.

Everyone is welcome here. So come, explore, and be a little Berkeley.

a family listens to a tour guide as the guide points to a tree in Berkeley

You have discovered the ultimate guide to things to do in Berkeley, CA! Inside, discover everything you need to plan your vacation to the Bay.

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Berkeley Kite Festival attendees, mostly children, run in the grass beneath blue skies as multicolored kites fly overhead.

Berkeley brims with authentic experiences and activities to engage, expand, entertain, enthrall - sometimes even all of the above.

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